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How to Make a Blow-Out Last

Learn some simple techniques to get blow-dry hair just like it is done by professionals. Follow some simple tips in order to get frizz-free results for your hairs. The secret fantasy to some, especially if he was a celebrity, could be having blown out hair every morning. But this habit can fry your hair. That’s why blow-out is generally saved by people for some special occasions. Anyway, get good hair every day, will still be an amazing thing for anyone.

blow drying hairDanielle Lopreore, who is well-known hairstylist running her own Fred Segal Salon, has shared some of her techniques to get your hair blown-out every day:

1 – Let’s assume you have wet hair. Start gently towel-drying your hair in manner that you don’t rub them hard (that actually result in tangled hair). You should also avoid “rough drying” because it may give you most long-lasting result. You can also fluff your hair with gentle hands throughout the drying process. In the end, you’ll get frizzy hair.

2 – Avoid using multiple products on your hairs, because you can make your hairs limp especially if you have oily or fine hairs.

3 – Start from front, assuming you have divided your hairs into multiple sections, because front side tends to get dried relatively quickly. A simple round brush can be used for this purpose. Aim your blow dryer to your hairs’ roots and move brush along with dryer to the end of your hair length. Heating hair in cuticle direction gives you fight frizz and smooth hairs.

blow-dry hair4 – Each section of your hairs should be held in opposite direction and up. You may also pin every section separately to get extra bounce especially after drying, to let them cool. This technique will help in setting permanent curl (until new direction is given next time).

5 – Spray your hair as a last step and leave them alone. Avoid running your fingers as well as brushing through your hairs, because it may ruin your all bouncing settings and they will become frizzy.